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What You Will Learn

You will learn from me, Nancy Myrland, LinkedIn Coach For Lawyers, veteran senior law firm marketing professional and President of Myrland Marketing & Social Media, who has been studying LinkedIn and other social and digital media since 2006, or maybe before that. I've lost track of time! I spend a lot of time training and coaching lawyers how to build a robust profile and a meaningful presence on LinkedIn, so I can help you cut through the overload of information and help you focus on doing the right things to attract the right people with the right messages at the right time.

A Great Profile Helps Others Find You

I will walk you step-by-step through how to create a profile that helps you to be found by those you want to serve. 

Learn How To Find The Right People

I will also help you learn how to use LinkedIn efficiently to help you create and nurture relationships.

Turn Your Contacts Into Connections

Anyone can collect contacts, but it is important to learn how to turn those contacts into real connections.

“I know your time is valuable. I also know the pressure you are under to not only produce stellar work for your clients but to constantly think about retaining and attracting new matters and clients. My goal is always to help make the complex simple. I will help you learn how to use LinkedIn wisely, effectively, efficiently, and ethically so it is working for you even when you aren't there.”

— Nancy Myrland, President, Myrland Marketing & Social Media

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