Legal Marketing Moments

Legal Marketing Moments

Hosted by: Nancy Myrland

Welcome to Legal Marketing Moments, a 2-3 minute podcast where I will deliver brief marketing and business development news, tips, and advice to you on a regular basis. This is a complement to, not a replacement...

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#04: LinkedIn Updates: 3 Cs and a P

(2 min, 10 sec) There have been a few recent LinkedIn updates. I’ve categorized them as 3 Cs and a P. Stay tuned to find out what those are, then let me know your thoughts. With Legal Marketing Moments, I'm Nancy...
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#03: Does Fear of Rejection Hold You Back?

(2 min, 23 sec) What have you been holding back on because of your fear of how others will judge you, of making mistakes, or of not showing up exactly how you want to? With Legal Marketing Moments, I'm Nancy...
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#02: You Don't Always Have To Break The News

(2 min, 46 sec) Some will tell you that you need to break the news to be memorable. I cry foul on that notion, and I'll tell you why. With Legal Marketing Moments, I'm Nancy Myrland. Until next time, Take...
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#01: Welcome To Legal Marketing Moments!

(2 min, 33 sec) Quick...Timely...Helpful Welcome to the first episode of Legal Marketing Moments!! In this first episode, I explain what Legal Marketing Moments is and how it differs from my podcast, Legal Marketing...
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