One Hour Professional Consult with Nancy Myrland


I'm often asked to meet with new clients to help them achieve focus and direction and to help brainstorm about how they can use marketing, business development, content, social and/or digital media to strengthen their relationships with their clients so they can grow their practice. 

If that sounds like you, then you've come to the right place! 

Investing in one hour might be just what you need to help you decide what you want or need to focus on next. Reserve this 60-minute introductory session so we can tackle your project or your questions as soon as possible and get you moving in the right direction. 

I have been working with lawyers for 20 years, so I understand your time challenges and the priorities you have. I understand traditional marketing, but I am also passionate about social and digital media, which means I can help you figure out how to blend all of that into the best course of action for your situation.

I am known for making the complex simple, so my goal is to provide as much value as I can during this initial consultation as possible. 

If you would like to work together past this initial hour, that is an option we can discuss. 

Welcome, and thank you for placing your trust in me! 

Nancy Myrland

President, Myrland Marketing & Social Media 

Founder, The Lawyer Marketing Academy



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