#22: Lawyers & LinkedIn: Here Are 4 EASY Ways For You To Repurpose Existing Content

(2 minutes, 41 seconds) Welcome back to Legal Marketing Moments! 

One of the most effective ways to let your clients and potential clients know you are knowledgeable in the topics they care the most about is to share content that demonstrates your knowledge.  

It takes time to create and share content. You’re busy. How are you supposed to find time to create this content?  

In today’s episode of Legal Marketing Moments (my 2-3 minute podcast), I am going to share 4 quick and easy ways for you to repurpose existing content that will help you build your reputation and your relationships on LinkedIn.  

FYI: My hybrid live and online LinkedIn Course For Lawyers is opening again SOON! I'd love to have you and your colleagues join us!  

To learn more, please visit http://linkedincourseforlawyers.com


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